Meeting with the Designer
Tita Mercurio

Charismatic woman with a generous personality,

fed by the "Flower Power" of the seventies,

TiTa likes to shake up the codes to style the look

women and men of character.

An Authentic Signature


This is a story...

A journey...

A meeting between two strong symbols of Tibetan Buddhism:

The "Mala" bead garland,

The "Dorje" representing the awakening, the indestructible nature of the spirit, and an artist transcended by the beauty of the pearls discovered in the four corners of the world.

The Titamàlà are part of us...

As the extension of an inner beauty that is personal to us.

More than a brand, Titamàlà is a state of mind,
a cry from the heart... in the colors of Freedom...

Sicily as her birthplace. Algiers where she was born. Growing up under the magical lights of Saint-Tropez. This is the cultural mix of TiTa Mercurio, a collector of pearls, who has made the famous peninsula her heart city, but also and above all her haven of peace and inspiration.

From her childhood, TiTa has kept the taste of creation to thwart the traps of uncertainty. From the Mediterranean blood that runs in her veins, she has inherited the talent to express herself with her hands.

The hobby turned into a passion... The passion revealed the gift.

His fifteen years spent in the United States shaped the artist's tastes and revealed his attraction for aesthetics and inter-cultural beauty.

Attracted by foreign countries and passionate about travel, TiTa was inspired by other customs, other faces. During a stopover in Kathmandu, Tita was "magnetized" by the Màlà ( beaded necklaces in Sanskrit), these wooden rosaries worn by Buddhists for thousands of years.

Back from her initiatory journey, guided by her spirituality and her creative energy, she launched her first collection "Spiritual Fashion" which will mark the preludes of her aesthetic universe and her artistic expression of which she will make the concept of her brand with a celestial name: Titamàlà!

Come and discover her jewelry
and meet an exceptional artist.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand